Met’s press chief goes to work for start-up PR

It appears that Tim McKeough, the Met’s PR chief who leaves this week, is going to head up a new LA office for London-based WildKatPR.

Also joining the firm in New York is Liza Prijatel Thors of Rebecca Davis PR.

None of these flaks is on the Slippedisc Christmas card list.

For good reason.

This is the first worthwhile story we’ve seen from any of them.



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  • Public relations for 99% of classical music organizations in the United States is a complete waste of time and money. That money could be far better spent exposing young people to real classical music and tying the classical music organizations to the intellectual life of the community.

  • I do not know the company professionally, but it seems they have been around more than 10 years and have some 3 offices already. That does. It sound like a start up to me.

  • WildKatPR has some serious communication problem. If only their artists new what a bad name this firm is giving them – Not answering messages or emails but sending out lists of demands for journalists (as if the media works for them). I’m surprised these issues never come out and happy that Mr. Lebrecht, even as a hint, brings them to light.

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