Met loses another press chief

Met loses another press chief


norman lebrecht

August 26, 2019

Tim McKeough, an Australian who served as the Met’s press chief through the James Levine disaster , is leaving the job this Friday. He has been in the job for just over two years.
Who wants to be Peter Gelb’s next reality check?


  • Phillip Ayling says:

    “Who wants to be Peter Gelb’s next reality check?”

    Better still; Who wants to be looking for a job as a Press Chief with the Met as the last employer on your résumé?

  • Jason S. says:

    Perhaps Mr. McKeough wanted to get out before the Met’s press dept. has to deal the Domingo situtation. There will surely be more to emerge in the Domingo situation, and if the Met decides to take him out of his performances that would create a sure-fire PR nightmare.
    They treated the Levine scandal with mostly tight-lipped and brief statements.
    They will surely have to comment very soon on the Domingo scandal, as the Met’s performances of Macbeth, with Domingo and Netrebko opens on Sept. 25.

  • Christopher D. says:

    I bet there are many well deserving baritones out there hoping the Domingo scandal has legs. He who can not sing any tenor roles anymore has been faking his way through baritone roles denying true deserving singers from getting w oh rk they should be getting all because Domingo might sell a few more tickets. He is not and never will be a baritone, stick to conducting and let these roles go to the truly desrving.

    • sycorax says:

      I remember a case where he was a reason for not buying tickets.
      As the L.A. Opera once announced they’d do Woody Allen’s “Gianni Schicchi” again, a friend of mine was rather excited, writing: “I’m so looking forward to it! I loved the production and I’ll even think about going twice to see it again.”
      Well, some time later it was announced that PD himself sings the title role – and the friend wrote: “Nope, not going there. I saw it first time with Sir Tom Allen and I’m certainly not watching how Domingo butchers another baritone role, especially not one Allen was so great in.”

      Well, having seen the production in Spoleto (with Sir Thomas in the lead) I really understood why he didn’t want to see it with PD – I wouldn’t have gone there if someone would have paid me for it.

  • Francois Paulette says:

    Actually the facts are that he is heading the New York office of Wild Kat PR not the LA office as your announcement incorrectly stated… fact check required…

  • Francois P. Jamieson says:

    So Wild Kat prides itself on providing in-depth music knowledge, so why didn’t Mr. McKeough work out at The Met? For a start, his knowledge of music was so poor no journalist could get a cogent and informed answer and then he issues a protocol for his staff not to accept phone calls. The investors behind Wild Kat beware of your dollars. Did Wild Kat get the referees it needed for the hire?