Major artist agency director is going to jail

Christopher Hoare, IT and communications director at HarrisonParrott, has been convicted at Westminster Magistrates Court of defrauding the company of £362,000 between 2010 and 2019. He pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud and was told to expect a jail sentence.

Hoare, 50, bought IT equipment for the company and sold it on eBay.

More here.

HP looks after Barbara Hannigan, Vladimir Asheknazy, Paavo Jarvi, among others.


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    • “Is anyone else seeing an ad “learn data science”? Under this article for the IT director going to jail?”

      I have “Miracle Woman’s Minimizer Bikinis”. I guess that means Google thinks I already know enough about data science and should go out more often. 😀

  • Considering his surname, one can only imagine the playground issues he must have had growing up, so perhaps we should cut him some slack. :-/

  • Yawn. This sort of thing is fairly common. Could happen anywhere there’s an IT department, rarely has much to do with the company’s line of work. From the headline you might think the chap was some sort of mover and shaker in the biz, but that’s not even remotely true.

  • The ad on my version of this page right now is for Ugg ladies boots. Editorial commentary by Ad Sense?? Ugg indeed!!

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