Just in: Lang Lang returns for NY Phil fundraiser

Just in: Lang Lang returns for NY Phil fundraiser


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2019

The Chinese pianist, long sidelined with an arm injury, has pledged to play Beethoven’s second piano concerto at the New York Philharmonic’s big gala on October 7.

It will be his first appearance with the orchestra in exactly three years. They will perform Beethoven’s fifth symphony in the second half.



  • V.Lind says:

    Good God. A Lang Lang story presented without sneer nor snarl, strictly just-state-the-facts ma’am.

    Thank you.

  • Steve says:

    such original programme..

  • Edgar Self says:

    I didn’t know about Lang Lang’s arm injury but find he was diagnosed with tendonitis in 2017.

    His old teacher Gary Graffman at Curtis Institute had a similar ailment, as did Leon Fleisher and Byron Janis. I’m trying to recall the composer who wrote a concerto for three left hands for them all to play. Alexander Brailowsky could probably have payed it by himself.

    It’s good news that the Panda [s recovered and playing again.

    At one time John Browning thought he was the last of his generation still playing with both hands. Abbey Simon had him beat by ten years or half a generation.

    • Hal Sacks says:

      Paul Wittgenstein who lost his right hand in WW 1 commissioned piano concerti for the left hand by many renowned composers of the post war years.

    • Toe the line says:

      V.Lind, you asked for it. Graffman, Fleisher, and Janis had more musicality in their index toes than Lang Lang’s two healthy hands.