Kirill Petrenko instals resident artist at Berlin Phil

Kirill Petrenko instals resident artist at Berlin Phil


norman lebrecht

August 07, 2019

The new chief condcutor has picked the German soprano Marlis Petersen, with whom he has worked many times before in Munich.

She has only sung once before with the Berlin Philharmonic.

Marlis says: ‘The residency with the Berliner Philharmoniker is a great honour for me. At the same time it is a musical thank you from Kirill Petrenko for our previous work together. I’m very touched by that.’

Kirill says: nothing. We’ll have to get used to that.



  • She’s wonderful.

  • Petros Linardos says:

    Kirill doesn’t waste time with platitudes and antics that attract the attention of blogs. Why should he, when he has so much to say through his music making?

    • Edgar says:

      Indeed. As the apt Munich joke goes: “Where is Kirill?’ “In a score.”

      All of us benefit from this.


    Berlin and the Philharmonic will be the richer for Marlis’ presence. Simple. The first person I worked for in my time in Berlin, and one of the most special. Classy decision by KP, who I know not at all, except of course, through his music making.

  • Bernard says:

    Kirill says: nothing? He says: “Marlis Petersen will also be our Artist in Residence for the upcoming season. I anticipate this very eagerly. I have always known her to be an exceptional artist and musical partner” etc. etc. (3:49-4:57).

  • Prof says:

    You missed the FB post where the Berliner Philharmoniker described Marlis Petersen as “Brilliant, Rich in Nuance, and Slender”. Face palm.

  • 5566hh says:

    This is old news – the residency was announced at the annaul press conference in May.

  • Robert Groen says:

    She was/is a great Lulu.