Just in: Rotterdam names UK conductor

Just in: Rotterdam names UK conductor


norman lebrecht

August 16, 2019

The Rotterdam Philharmonic has named Adam Hickox as its joint assistant conductor for the next two seasons. Adam will share duties with Corinna Niemeyer as deputies to music director Lahav Shani.

He has recently signed to the Intermusica agency, which used to look after the late Richard Hickox. Adam is his son.



  • Malcolm James says:

    And relation to the late Richard Hickox?

    • Anon. says:

      It is his son.

      • Mike Schachter says:

        His father was a tragic and premature loss, sadly a demonstration that while the British NHS is a great institution it is very patchy. Where you have your heart attack or cancer makes a huge difference.

        • Malcolm James says:

          I understand from someone who was at the recording session he was doing at the time of his death and whose sister is a doctor that he was found dead in his hotel room. No health service on earth would have saved him.

          • Merrick Dowson says:

            He went to the hospital and they didn’t properly examine him & then sent him home ( his hotel room)

  • Gustavo says:

    The late Richard Hickox has to date the best Klagende Lied on the market. Most of his choral-symphonic recordings are unsurpassed.

    Very pleased to hear that Hickox junior is following in his farther’s footsteps.

  • Freddynyc says:

    Has he even reached puberty yet….?

  • Esther Cavett says:

    It’s quite an old photo

  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    Good to see the son of much missed Richard Hickox follow in his father’s footsteps.