IMG sign a Brit conductor

IMG sign a Brit conductor


norman lebrecht

August 15, 2019

The London conductor Ben Palmer has signed with the faltering mega-agency. He will be represented Michael Freiburg from the company’s Hannover office specialising in film music.

Ben is married to the cellist Morwenna DelMar, descendant of a conducting legend.



  • Viola player says:

    Extraordinary news. Surely just because he has a very tenuous link with Norman Del Mar, through nepotism doesn’t make him a good conductor. He never met Norman. Maybe it was Norman’s book that has amazingly got him into conducting film music, when all the amateur Suffolk and scratch band based at St paul’s church in Covent Garden put up with him…..How do these average conductors do it?

    • norman lebrecht says:

      No nepotism is suggested here. I just like to keep Norman Del Mar’s name in the limelight in this, his centenary year.

  • Amy Dunne says:

    Ah congratulations Ben!