Finding Arvo Part’s silence

The Estonians have built an Arvo Pärt Centre in the forests outside Talinn where the composer lives. He does not seem to mind when visitors recognise him.

Read here.


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    • A comment from under a rock in a far-away region where it always rains.

      Pärt has written some beautiful masterpieces, and has been able to find the heart of music through great independance of thought and rejection of superficial fashions.

    • Then you haven’t met me. One of the highlights of my life was playing as a last-minute replacement in Pärt’s beautiful “Miserere.”

  • This was opened already a year ago… but I am happy this gets exposure. A remarkable investment for culture from a small country.

    • I am not an Estonian but I’m proud of Estonia.

      We need more of this spirit!

      A “singing revolution” to demonstrate how peace and freedom within the European Union has been maintained without giving up cultural identities.

      • The EU has never been about giving-up cultural identity but about providing an umbrella structure over the nations and regions, and adding a European cultural identity over all local identities. So, Estonia, Catalonia, Monaco and Zeeland are all both local, national, and continental.

    • Very much look forward to watching your film! I visited the Centre just last month when I was in Estonia for the big songfest. The Centre is a beautiful place, wild blueberries and all!

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