Death of celebrated soprano, 75

The superb Argentine soprano Adelaida Negri has died in Buenos Aires.

A graduate of the London Opera Centre, she sang major roles opposite Pavarotti and Domingo, appearing in all the leading European opera houses.

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  • I have heard her in 1981 in Macbeth and Trovatore. She had a throat problem in the first opera and was not very special in the second. Bad luck certainly.

  • I saw her in an all-Verdi concert, with baritone Theodore Lambrinos, here in New York City around, I would guess, 1993 or so. It included almost every dramatic duet for baritone and soprano that Verdi wrote, plus a good number of solos for both singers. She would have been just about 50 and was a really striking and attractive woman on that stage. The voice was big and seemed to have the start of a beat when pushed, but she was still an impressive performer, and Lambrinos, maybe the most underrated Verdi baritone of his time, was just as good. I think she may also have made a guest appearance or two on the old Opera Fanatic radio show, hosted by Stefan Zucker.

  • Who was the baritone in that clip, and when and where was the performance? Conductor? Btw, her name was Adelaide, not Adelaida.

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