Bregenz is rained off, again

For the second time this season, the lakeside performance of Rigoletto was abandoned after 15 minutes amid a heavy downpour.

Around 1,600 audience members were shepherded indoors to watch a semi-staged performance. The remaining 5,400 ticket holders were offered refunds. There are no seats remaining for the rest of the run.


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  • The rain at that day was incredible heavy…no chance to do an open air gig!
    By the way:
    I was there yesterday (sunshine), it was an amazing opera night…I would say everybody should go there,but complety sold out for this year…look out for tickets 2020!

    • “Bregenz’ Rigoletto production looks spectacular, but it must cost a fortune.”

      Spectacular, yes, but ugly AF. Straight from a horror movie. Watched it live, didn’t make it through the first act.

      (Having a well-developed apathy against anything circus-related didn’t help either.)

      • A few years ago, the same thing happened to me with Tosca but the next year’s Aida was very successful. I enjoyed it very much.

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