Breaking: Alexander Pereira gets a new Italian job

Breaking: Alexander Pereira gets a new Italian job


norman lebrecht

August 28, 2019

The Maggio Musicale in Florence is about to name Alexander Pereira, dropped by La Scala, as its new boss.

His title will be Sovrintendente of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

Pereira, 71, negotiated the deal in person with the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella.

He is expected to start work immediately. His predecessor Cristiano Chiarot quit last month after a falling-out with the Mayor, followed by the music director Fabio Luisi.

The company has been in perpetual financial crisis for a decade.

One of Pereira’s first acts will be to engage Cecilia Bartoli, who huffed out of La Scala upon his dismissal.

In the soap opera that is Italy’s opera industry, the same names go round and round.


  • Caravaggio says:

    The soap opera is not confined to Italy. A large part of the problem is the incestuous nepotism afflicting the industry worldwide with the endless lather-rinse-repeat cycle among a select few. The Levine, Gatti, Dutoit and now Domingo situations are classic examples.The other part of the problem, as we know, is the dearth of good (never mind great) and interesting singers and voices, a crisis of pandemic proportions. But we won’t be going into that.

    • Novagerio says:

      The “italian soap opera going aound and around” is just like italian soccer; you ruin a team, and after two losses you get dispatched to another team wich you can ruin, both technically and financially.
      Dare I say it’s pretty similar to italian politics?…

  • Olassus says:

    Watch the quality jump in Firenze!

  • Has- been says:

    Congratulations to Alexander Pereira. Whether in Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, Salzburg and Milano the quality of his work has been extraordinarily high. He has imagination, taste and great credibility. Florence is luck to get him.

    • Tristan says:

      you seem another one without taste…this man is so overrated and passé and she fits with him. They won’t put on Norma or similar as that was only possible for the many music low-lives in Salzburg – not to forget the low level press in Germany.
      Povera Firenze

  • Nik says:

    Will he now repeat the trick of getting his new employer to buy his unaffordable stage productions off his previous employer?

  • Marianna says:

    Wasn’t Pereira extended to 2022 at la Scala? Is he leaving sooner then and Meyer goes in 2020?

  • Cantantelirico says:

    She will control all opera in Salzburg and Firenze in the next decade.