A musician appeals for Dayton victims

From Katinka Kleijn of the International Contemporary Ensemble:

My dear colleague Brandon George lost his cousin in the Dayton shootings. These beautiful children, one a newborn, are left without their mother. Please help if you can and please support common sense gun laws.

One of the victims, Lois Oglesby, 27, is the daughter of LaSandra J., who has worked for MVCAP for almost 23 years.

Lois leaves behind two children, a newborn and six year old. Our agency is collecting for the family, not only for funeral costs, but for the long-term care of the children.

You can donate: through our agency Facebook donate button, through PayPal, or by mailing a check to the agency, made out to the agency: Miami Valley Community Action Partnership 719 S. Main St. 45402 on any memo portion please note: F.B.O (for the benefit of) Lois Oglesby Family.

(Please be cautious of any fundraising sites. This fundraiser is approved and with permission of the family.)


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  • “…please support common sense gun laws.”

    I do because I support the current laws that are in place.

  • These votes are not legit. I watched this happen. This post sat here, chugging along with a few readers, and suddenly–BAM! 143 thumbs up on the first comment. We’re supposed to believe that within an hour, more than a hundred people read and voted favorably on a comment that had thus far received only thumbs down.

    It looks like SD attracted the attention of bots. Attempting to fool SD readers with fake votes doesn’t strengthen the pro-gun position. It just lets us know we got under your skin and you’re trying to mess with us.

    No need to worry, Der Ongakumann, #MoscowMitch won’t let anything come to the floor for a vote. Maybe we can start calling him #MassacreMitch?

  • I know that New York City is one of the safest US cities with regard to violent crime per capita. I believe strongly that it is due to gun control. Is it impossible to obtain guns in New York City? No. But because they are less available people are less likely to use them. Indeed, this is true for all non addictive items.

    When I travel to other US cities and see gun shops advertising on public buses I am shocked.

    When the government wanted to reduce smoking it started restricting tobacco usage through various means. Now we have changed the culture on smoking in this country. We could do the same with guns if people have the will. And we SHOULD have the will– this is a matter of life and death

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