Venezuela frees jailed clarinetist after global outcry

The Maduro regime has released Karen Palacios after 44 days in jail for issuing a dissident Tweet.

An online outcry, led by Slipped Disc among others, appears to have helped spring her from being held without charge, but Karen has been warned not to use social media again if she wants to stay free.

Venezuela is a lawless state.


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  • Maduro regime does not care about UN why would you possibly think they care about your “global outcry”? Politically she does not even matter. She was just another “reactionary” citizen being held in order to learn her lesson. Important political agents are not tipically released, unless their freedom convey a very specific message. Even them, they are just released after a significant amount of torture.

  • she called for the death of 10 guards on Twitter, violating a law against incitement to violence. She was eventually released. Just to point out, there are people crammed into cages in the US, seperated from their families, many escaping the US backed dictatorship in Honduras (NOT VENEZUELA). Where is your outrage?

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