UK conductor gets German orch

The Südwestdeutsche Kammerorchester Pforzheim has chosen its next chief conductor from a roster of 115 applicants.

He is Douglas Bostock, who has just stepped down after 18 years as chief conductor of the Argovia Philharmonic in Switzerland.

Bostock, 64, starts the new job in September.

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  • I wonder whether Mr Bostock will really hand in his British passport once Brexit has happened, as he announced at the beginning of his last season with his Swiss orchestra. I wish him well with his new German orchestra, once of the best chamber orchestra in Germany.

  • From the Aargauer Zeitung of Switzerland:

    “Brexit à la Bostock?”

    “The 2018/2019 season seems to be unique, not just because it’s British, it’ll also be Bostock’s last season at the Argovia Philharmonic – is there going to be a Brexit à la Bostock? The conductor doesn’t want to know about it: ‘Brexit is a shame. When the time comes, I will hand over my British passport’, he clarifies resolutely.”

    Really don’t mind if you sit this one out.

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