Sony sign the next Yuja, Khatia, Lola Astanova all in one

Meet Chloe Flower, tomorrow’s classic.

Juilliard trained, she is now 33 and doing her own thing.


Sarah Thwaites, Label Head UK, Sony Music Masterworks said: “Chloe Flower is one of the most exciting artists on the planet and I’m unbelievably stoked to share her talent with the world. Whether it’s original compositions, classical masterpieces, unexpected collaborations or virtuosic covers of today’s hottest hits, Chloe’s incredible talent, passion and style shine through.”


From a recent interview:

Flower makes sure to include elements of classical music in every work she composes.

“Part of the reason why kids and adults don’t understand or care about classical music is because they don’t recognize it,” she said. “I think that people think that without lyrics, you can’t really understand the music or connect.”

But “you can do it in a way that captures them and then add the element of accessibility, which for me was the drums, and it makes it almost like you can work out to it,” she said.

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  • Norman, could you connect her with Nebal M. (the young beginner composer who thinks that classical music is racist – as a career concept) ? i m sure they have a lot to discuss ..

  • My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t…

    Nicky Minaj meets Fifty Shades of Gray?

    Who packages these things at Sony? A committee of pop culture professors watching videos from 5 years ago?

    And who’s the target market? Middle aged men with an Asian fetish, I guess…

    • The funny thing about this video is that it wants to show skin (like rap videos), but not too much (to not offend the classical music crowd), so:

      1) she’s wearing this see through gold chain mail top (a la Nicki Minaj), but Sony execs made sure she had a long sleeve black turtleneck underneath.

      2) the woman in the bathtub (whatever she’s doing) is wearing essentially a sports bra and swimming trunks, making her thing more athletic exercise than (whatever she’s doing).

  • I was a bit worried for the person in the bathtub—it looked like she was being thrashed around by an invisible force and at serious risk of drowning. Not sure what it had to do with the pop remix of the end of the first movement of Beethoven Third Concerto though. Did Beethoven angrily compose that part in a bathtub?

  • Apart from it being completely tasteless and incredibly stupid, this is probably the first classical pianist with long fingernails

  • Maybe there is a market for this dreck – but it’s not the classical market. Sordid sexploitation probably does best in the Old Pervs segment?

    Other artistes represented by Sony Classics should consider their options.

  • Sarah Thwaites is overdue for a career change. Both she and Chloe Flower should enroll in a course entitled “What is Classical music?” And Sony can fold up and go out of business – they’ve hit rock-bottom.

  • WTFF did I just watch? Chopin and Beethoven must be spinning in their graves. Thanks Norman, that was 3 minutes and 49 seconds of my life that I can’t get back. WTFF…

  • I certainly wouldn’t compare her with Yuja. Yuja at the very least has charm, something which seems to be totally lacking in this ridiculous video promotion. Makes you want to groan!

  • Sony deserves what this will do to their professed interest in “classical” music. “Elements of classical music …”, as in the notes C, F and A?

  • She steals themes from Chopin & Beethoven, plays them with mediocre keyboard skills, and an incompetent record company executive deems her “one of the most exciting artists on the planet”??? Really?? Oh, Honey – compared to WHOM???

  • You need to send a deeply sincere and contrite apology to Yuga Wang, who (let’s remind those who are only interested in the appearance of her thighs) is an exceptional artist with phenomenal instrumental skills.

  • I cant claim to be “unbelievably stoked” by the video clip. But it is enough to make me want to hear the original version, without all the gimmicks.

  • Sorry.
    Her looks … cheap
    Her playing … not worth a listen
    Her repertoire … not worth a listen
    Her CDs and downlaods … no need to do so
    Her marketing … best a musician can find
    Her future … none

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