She’s too unwell to sing Donna Anna next month

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  • This reminds of students (and teachers) who “call in sick”and then post beach pictures on Facebook the same day. Very poor judgment in all cases, to say the least!

  • The photo is not a prognosis of how a virus might have ravaged vocal chords that need healing before an operatic marathon that could end a career. And wow, whatever happened to the fat lady soprano….?

    • Exercising at the beach may be just what a good doctor prescribed.

      But posting beautiful beach photographs on social media can have other consequences, such as ending up on blogs, undermining one’s reputation, or both.

  • It probably wasn’t the wisest thing for her to post that, but being on the beach and smiling doesn’t mean her vocal chords are in shape to sing.

  • One can see why even the Duke of Mantua could be tempted to eschew a life of lechery for a Gilda with such a body!

  • I’m sick, I don’t think I’ll be able to sing well next month.

    OK, we’ll find someone else.

    [time passes]
    I’m feeling better now
    That’s nice, we hired someone else.
    Guess I’ll relax!

    • As opposed to, what? . . . people who are miserable? . . people who are insecure and are trying to bolster their self esteem through Instagram? . . . people who just don’t care one way or the other? Their could a myriad of reasons why someone wants to use Instagram or any other ‘social media’ (which is neither).

  • When are people going to wake up and realize that this “artist” doesn’t actually sing any performances? I can’t remember a time where she completed an entire run of shows without canceling at least one of them. She doesn’t seem to care about her fans or her work and just skates by with the minimum of effort. I doubt she even learned the role.

    If I were in a position to hire someone, she would be the last on my list because I know I’d have to be scrambling to find someone to replace her. There are lots of sopranos who actually show up to work.

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