My 60th summer at Marlboro

My 60th summer at Marlboro


norman lebrecht

July 07, 2019

Message from veteran director Frank Salomon:

As we start a new season with Co-Artistic Directors Mitsuko Uchida and Jonathan Biss, their senior colleagues, and a wonderful group of young professional musicians, I marvel at all that has transpired at Marlboro since I joined the family in 1960….

It’s where I met the remarkable Martha Laredo, my love, my partner and muse until her death in 2015; it’s where we brought up our two wonderful daughters and made dear friends for a lifetime. If that wasn’t enough, as is the case with most every musician and staff member who has been a part of this unique community, we learned invaluable musical and life lessons that helped shape who we became.

It was Rudolf Serkin’s vision, standards, and inspiration that were the primary force that made Marlboro, in the words of The New Yorker, “the classical world’s most coveted retreat.” He showed by example that “the spirit of generosity” was at the heart of the Marlboro ideal.

For fellow administrator Anthony Checchia, whom I have greatly admired and worked closely with all these years, and for me, as we reduce our involvement, we are thrilled to see the seamless artistic and administrative transition that assures that Marlboro will continue to thrive for generations to come.

Participants who became leaders in every area of music have returned to carry on valued traditions and bring fresh perspectives. Similar important contributions are being made by Philip Maneval, Miles Cohen, and the rest of their team on the administrative front. They and their successors will see that Marlboro remains “an enchanted place” every year of our new 99-year lease with Marlboro College.

Come share in the magic this summer.


  • Nathaniel Rosen says:

    Much love to Frank and Tony.

  • Jim says:

    Frank is a wonderful and kind man. Back when I was a totally unknown student, but could not attend due to concert engagements, he was incredibly supportive. Congratulations to Frank for his support of this amazingly long stretch of fine music-making!

  • Petros Linardos says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Salomon and can’t wait to go back this summer. I can count on sublime performances.

    The icing on the cake: no coughing or cell phones during the concerts. I wonder why…

  • Anthony Martin says:

    Let us not forget the role of Serkin’s heroic father-in-law, violinist Adolph Busch, in the founding of Marlboro.

  • Meillat Bernard says:

    Frank, bravo!
    Yes, it is unbelievable that it makes 60 years.
    But you are also unbelievable by your involvement and ability.