Good news: Boston gets its concertmaster back

We hear that Boston Symphony concertmaster Malcolm Lowe, who was invalided out for a year with concussion and returned recently to play in the rear of the section, resumed his first seat in this weekend’s concerts.

Excellent news.

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  • This is not technically correct. Lowe only played the second half on Friday’s (excellent) concert.

    • Technically, he resumed his concert master position!!! Regardless of how many pieces he played. So …. He’s back where he should be!!!!

  • He also played on the second half of Saturday night as well. So Friday he played Mahler 5 and Saturday Dvorak 9. Glad to see him back.

  • It is great he is back. But can the BSO PLEASE try playing some different rep at Tanglewood? Mahler 5, Dvorak 9 AGAIN?! Dvorak wrote more than the 9th Symphony. Why no Dvorak 3,4,5, or 6? All very interesting pieces and VERY welcome instead of 9 (again!). Even 7 and 8 would be better.

    • Tanglewood, where 3 different concerts are presented most weekends, is not the venue for different rep. There is simply not enough time. The regular subscription season is and then having rehearsed those pieces they can be meaningfully offered at Tanglewood. Mr. Lowe’s return is certainly good news for the continued excellence of the BSO!

      • I hear you but Dvorak’s early symphonies are not real difficult to play and an orchestra the caliber of the BSO should not struggle with them.

          • You managed to insult the orchestra, their repertoire and the audience. What ignorance! What arrogance!

    • The OSM is finding time to rehearse and perform Dvorak’s 5th Symphony at Lanaudiere next month.

      • Superb; are they also playing 3 different programs every week for the next 6-8 weeks with as many as 10 conductors? Of course the BSO could give a professional performance of virtually any piece but not to the standards demanded by both the players and attendees. If you haven’t heard it listen to the Kertesz /LSO recording, on You Tube, of the 5th and let everyone know how it compares to the OSM.

    • They will be playing 7 and 8 in the next few weeks. They also, it seems, only have one rehearsal before each concert in the “Shed”.

  • Warm welcome back to Malcolm Lowe. Also. great thanks and admiration to Tamara Smirnova for being fantastic leader during his absence!
    She preserved the superiority of BSO in all regards.

  • His return is a true testament to his perseverance and dedication to his craft. Congratulations Malcolm!!!!

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