Domingo’s daughter-in-law blows whistle on cult

Samantha Domingo was a member of the Church of Scientology for 22 years together with ex-husband Plácido Jr and their three daughters.

She has spoken to the Daily Mail about the abuses she witnessed around the cult’s star members.

Here’s a prior confession:

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  • These cults hurt a lot of people, especially kids raised in the cult.

    In the 1950s the famous writer Gore Vidal wrote a novel, I forget the name, discussing the founding and growth of a cult, which was based on the cult of Scientology, then just starting, and served as a warning (in the novel the founder was murdered when he became a threat to the people who had taken over the cult).

    It’s a pity that so many bright and talented people are willing to fall for this but I guess people who are under a lot of stress will fall for the temptation of a group that says, “Don’t worry, we are your family and we will take care of you.”. These cults are really a form of facism

    • Scientology is of course rubbish but it has helped generations of actors and other artists cope with the rubbish (drug abuse, loss of confidence, disorientation) of Hollywood life, which often is deadly.

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