Dallas Symphony appoints 10 musicians

While others face cuts, Dallas has gone for mass hiring, filling at one swoop the long-vacant principal viola seat, several more string players and the principal percussion.

The new #1 viola, starting next month, is Meredith Kufchak, previously of the Fresno Philharmonic.

Principal percussion will be George Nickson, formerly of the Sarasota Orchestra.

Also hired are violinists Jenna Barghouti and Giyeon Yoon, violists Sarah Kienle, Xiaohan Sun and Dan Wang, cellist Jennifer Yunyoung Choi and bass clarinet Andrew Sandwick.

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    • Why is the assumption that in a pure meritocracy, men will out number women?

      I mean pure meritocracy ab initio: from birth, indeed from before birth. For example, I noticed some Asian names, in one-child-policy China, infant girls, if they were lucky not to have been aborted, were drowned, to make room for a boy.

      Let’s do count. Let’s begin with who makes it out alive to hold that first violin. Then we can do something to about it.

  • Good news!
    But they still needs new principal piccolo, second bassoon and associate principal trombone. Then everything is good shape!

  • Correction: The new #1 viola, starting next month, is Meredith Kufchak, a tenured member of the Pittsburgh Symphony.

    • Well, she was principal viola in Fresno before going to Pittsburgh, and I think we all know which is the more important position!

  • In a hurry to spend all that big money that became available after JvZ’s departure. Congratulations to all!

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