Watch: Hilary Hahn goes swimming in her concert gown

The things you have to do these days to get onto Slipped Disc.


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  • Now, Bell and Kavakos and Mutter and Gluzman and Barati and Josefowicz and Kang and Accardo and… will be doing the same thing. I’m sure she had a good reason for doing this other than publicity. Hahn does not need publicity. Or, maybe she does….

    • Not a single one of those guys would look good in a concert dress….
      Maybe Mutter, but her sizable endowments would be flopping out of her strapless Halston dress.

  • Kinda dangerous, isn’t it? Depending on the material of the dress, the added weight could sank a person.

  • Charmingly natural, HH is a non-pretentious star. She willingly appears on TwoSetViolin for fun. Swiming in rivers and lakes is something Europeans do.

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