UK brass Tchaikovskys are eliminated

UK brass Tchaikovskys are eliminated


norman lebrecht

June 25, 2019

The finalists are:

Zeng Yun (French horn, 19, China)
Aleksey Lobikov (Trombone, 32, Russia)
Zhasulan Abdykalykov (Trumpet, 26, Kazakhstan)
Henrique dos Santos Costa (Tuba, 26, Portugal)
Hae-Ree Yoo (French horn, 23, South Korea)
Felix Dervaux (French horn, 29, France)


Fedor Shagov (Tuba, 29, Russia)
Peter Steiner (Trombone, 27, Italy)
Ansel Norris (Trumpet, 26, United States of America)




  • Jan says:


  • will says:

    I am very surprised and disappointed that the UK horn player Ben Goldscheider was eliminated.

  • Sergei says:

    I’m especially excited by the Tchaikovsky performance of the Turkish guy played horn at the first leg. It’s a pity he had been eliminated. Also, Buchanan guy is very talented with his trombone. If the jury considered the musicality, competing names could be different at the finals.

    • PHF says:

      I agree, but not completely. Some guys surprised me, Aleksey Lobikov, for example, deserved very much his spot in the finals if compared to Buchanan. Buchanan is a great trombonist indeed, but he was not comfortable in the semi finals and his choice of repertoire did not help him at all.

  • AnselFan420 says:

    I encourage all to watch Ansel Norris’s performances. He is one of the truly great young musical minds of his generation. He is a poet on his instrument, or another way of saying it is, he is an incredible musician who happens to use the trumpet as his vehicle of musical expression, rather than just being a “good trumpet player”. Not many brass players have the musical sensibilities on their instrument that he does. Not a dime a dozen kind of player. Truly transcendent playing.

    ok off the soapbox now.

  • R. Brite says:

    I’m not crazy about French horn players (er, French players of the horn? French French horn players?), generally speaking, but Félix Dervaux is incredibly talented.

  • Kolb Slaw says:

    That they have brass and not harp is utterly ridiculous.

  • Horn Player says:

    I think the Chinese Zeng Yun is the favourite among the horn players, amazing control and sound. Don’t understand that the Korean girl is stíll in the running, I didn’t like her first round nor her semi-final..

    Just wanted to give a mention for a guy I liked in the first round, Andrey Smal, I liked his sound the most out of all of them, but I don’t think he even passed the first round, pity!