Swede descends on Huddersfield

The iconoclastic Hanna Hartman, 58, is to be composer-in-residence at the next Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival this November.

Here’s what they can expect.


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  • This sorry buzzing has nothing to do with music and everything with trying to outdo the male competition, or to show that they can be as pretentious, abstract, ‘avantgarde’ and nonsensical as male sonicists. If females want to become composers, why chewing on very old and boring ideas which have been exhausted already in the fifties and sixties of the last century? It is mere playing safe within the restricted circles of establishment ‘modernity’ which has completely lost any contact with the actual world. Why don’t females follow the explorations of alternative and more humanist modernity, like what is already happening in painting….


    … and in architecture….


    …. which has true artistic value and original ideas? Answer: you do really need artistic talent to embark upon such a thing.

    One would think that any feminine sensitivity would open-up interest in the artistic explorations which contribute value to the world and to the interconnection of people.

  • Hey, I used to play with my chem set like that as a kid. Never thought of creating an Erlenmeyer Flask Sonata though, and the idea of running washers down my pipettes eluded me too. But I was 10 or 12…

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