Pittburgh hires tango violinist

Pittburgh hires tango violinist


norman lebrecht

June 03, 2019

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has appointed Jeremías Sergiani-Velázquez as a member of the second violin.

A tango enthusiast, Sergiani-Velázquez regularly performs with the Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet, winners of the 2018 Latin Grammy for Best Tango Album, and with the JP Jofre Tango Quintet in venues in New York and throughout the US as well as Puerto Rico.



  • Jeremias is terrific!

  • violin lover says:

    Go, Jeremías! He is a WONDERFUL player (and not just of tango, I might add ;))

  • Richard W. says:

    “Tango violinist”??? More like classical violinist who dabbles in tango. Show this young man some respect! Not that there is anything wrong with tango, but he is a classically trained musician from the Juilliard school. I had the pleasure of hearing him a few summers ago at Menlow, and can confirm that he is a violinist of the highest caliber. Best of luck to you, Jeremias.

  • Jacobim Mugatu says:

    The title should have read “Pittsburgh Hires America’s Next Top Model, who apparently also plays violin” He’s so hot right now!

    • Give Me Buenos Aires or Give Me Death says:

      Oh he’s hot alright!!! First hired by Baltimore, then Grant Park, and now Pittsburgh?! This young empanada is on a roll!

  • Shoshana Wentworth says:

    Interesting. I looked him up and although he seems to be from Argentina (birthplace of Tango), it’s kind of cheap to label him as such seeing as his background is deeply classical. Certainly not limited to Tango. Anyone knows that modern society has cheapened tango and not appreciated composers like Astor Piazzolla who practically INVENTED tango. I’m on a soapbox here but this young man being labeled as Tango is just as cheap as Tango’s misunderstood roots. Congratulations Mr. Sergiani-Velazquez and please know there are people internationally recognizing your work and broad knowledge of violin in many different forms.

  • Pittsburgh has hired a fabulous musician, who can, and does, play all types of music with amazing skill and musicality. Tango AND Bach, Beethoven AND Ginastera AND Messiaen – the list goes on and on. How about a bit more research time on the posts Norm??