Orchestra offers one penny off

Orchestra offers one penny off


norman lebrecht

June 04, 2019

How attractive is this?

The London Philharmonic Orchestra has a created a new loyalty scheme open to all, to reflect current booking trends.

LPO Plus is a free online-only scheme designed to reward the loyalty of music lovers who come to several concerts a year, but who only want to book tickets for one concert at a time.

LPO Plus is an online reward scheme. Points are earned each time an order is placed for eligible items at lpo.org.uk, including concert tickets (excluding multi-buy series bookings), gift vouchers, CDs, merchandise and programme book vouchers. LPO Plus is free to join and new members will automatically receive an initial 100 points. 10 points are earned for every £1, and 1 point for every 10p spent. Each point earned is equal to 1p which can be redeemed against future orders.



  • Mike Schachter says:

    In Mr McEnroe’s immortal phrase, you cannot be serious!

  • MusicBear88 says:

    It’s a simple 10% off, except that it’s been made more complicated by having to collect and redeem points, which isn’t uncommon these days.

    • LEWES BIRD says:

      Oh but it’s more complex. It’s 10% off *and* they also give you a free £1 just for signing up. So basically if your first purchase is a £10 ticket in the back of the balcony at RFH, you get a whole £2 for it, which is a whole 20% off*. I’m in!

      * just the first time

    • LEWES BIRD says:

      Oh, but it gets even better. So, as I’ve just pointed out, you buy a £10 and you get £2 to spend.

      The next time you book a £10 you only pay £8 and you get 80p for the following time.

      The following time you book a £10 and you pay £9.20; you get 92p.

      Then you come back for a £10 and you pay £9.08. You get 91p if they round in your favour.

      Next time you pay £9.09 and you get 91p again. If they round like that, you’ve now reached equilibrium at 91p for a £10 purchase.

      So basically from then on the discount is only 9.1%. But you got that free pound at the beginning, remember.

  • James says:

    In the context of it’s better than a poke in the eye with a pointy stick, it’s brilliant. In the context of it possibly being meant to incentivise multiple single ticket sales by individuals, it sounds like a real dud.

  • Ned Keene says:

    I hear Glyndebourne are going to start offering Green Shield Stamps next season?

  • Peter says:

    It seems to be 10% off turned into redeemable points.
    For tickets priced £ 14 to £ 65 then the saving off future tickets is £ 1.40 to £ 6.50.
    That is far better than typical loyalty schemes by Supermarkets etc.
    The 1p headline seems a bit inaccurate.

  • Prix D'Excellence says:

    What is shameful is the continued excessive booking fee charges being levied by some concert venues. Never understood this, since an online booking is a conversation between one machine and another, unlike a telephone booking when a human is involved. £1.50 per ticket booking fee is outrageous and leaves a continuous bitter taste in one’s mouth. It’s also daylight robbery, since the performers don’t see a penny of it !

    • mathias broucek says:

      £3 for the LSO…..

    • Bill says:

      Someone still has to pay for the machines, and their support. And I suspect part of the attraction is recovering some of the credit card company’s transaction charge. You don’t think spending £100 via card results in the seller receiving the whole £100, do you?

      I’m not a huge fan of the fees when applied on a per-ticket basis rather than a per-transaction basis.

      • Saxon Broken says:

        You are right, they don’t receive £100. They only get £98.

        But if you pay cash, then they only get around £95 (after paying to keep the money secure, transporting it to the bank, and for the bank to accept it).

  • Larry W says:

    This scheme doesn’t make a great deal of cents.