Opera diva in recovery after 5 hours of surgery

The Canadian soprano Measha Brueggergosman has come through her second bout of open-heart surgery. She writes:


This is my gratitude face. Your love and support has been palpable and I want to extend that same love to a wonderful warrior of faith (and my surgeon) Dr. Teresa Kieser. By using the longer-lasting method of artery over vein for my double bypass, she has rendered my heart better than I could have ever hoped or prayed for.

I want to thank all you #PrayerSoldiers and #PositiveVibeSenders who made it possible for me to EXCEED expectations. Just thirty teensy hours after a 5-hr open-heart surgery (10 years after my OTHER open-heart surgery to repair a dissected aorta), I am tube and oxygen-free and have even walked around the nurse’s station 3 times! My appetite for LIFE is stronger than ever and I’m sure my appetite for food won’t be far behind. In the meantime, I’m catching up on Killing Eve and taking it suuuuuper easy.

I can’t wait to put this fully-functioning #SuperHeart to good use. Father God, fill my new heart with all the empathy, all the love, all the forgiveness, all the patience, all the wisdom and all the courage.

To God be ALL glory and praise now and forever.

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  • Measha!!!! Your Cleveland friends love you! Get well and you sang it, girl! With each year you grow more wonderful. Come back and visit us 🙂

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