Help! My cello is full of bees

Bee Hive Cello is a collaboration with Dr Martin Bencsik (Nottingham Trent University), Wolfgang Buttress and Langar Hall Hotel ( A swarm of bees was encouraged to settle in a reclaimed cello to make it their home. The cello was strung and tuned to the key of C. The vibrational noises are being collected and recorded to create a musical soundscape and will contribute to a musical performance later in the year.



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  • Appropriately enough, signed “Bee Bee- See, Radio Nottingham.” Hi’ve a hunych it’s drone on purpose. The cello will have been highly stung – to B or not to B….? No, to C.

    • I’m with you, Ioana. It’s a cheap shot to use a form of animal or insect life for click bait. How will they tolerate the vibration of the instrument? What will happen to them after the performance? -Andy 35 yr. beekeeper

      • Thank you! I love bees and value them for their role in nature. I am worried since they are close to extinction in some states. Using them for one time performance by those 3 men, who call themselves musicians, shows only their desperation to become famous.

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