Madonna is turned away by La Scala

Sovrintendente Alexander Pereira has a problem with her high notes?

Not quite.

Read here.

Madonna said: ‘It has always been my dream to sing at La Scala.’

And she has at least one great classical friend (assuming he’s still classical).

UPDATEL Clarification from La Scala: We just make opera, ballet and concerts and not rock/pop events. There is a long list of requests…


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  • A few years ago Laga Gaga and Tony Bennet sang at the Santa Fe Opera. It only has a 2 month season. It’s an open air theater. They rent out the house during the warmer months outside the opera season. FWIW, Gaga is a far better singer than Madonna.

      • “Madonna cannot sing and is famous for vulgarity.”

        Right, Lady Gaga is a saint. 😉

        If you compare their respective latest albums (or performances), ok, can’t argue there. But that doesn’t change the fact that Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” is one of the best pop albums ever.

  • Ha, all I can think of is that movie where Meryl Streep plays Foster Jenkins. Great film, highly recommended. It’s funny but Streep in her genius gives that character reality and depth.

  • I could absolutely see her as Anna I in Seven Deadly Sins, or as Frau Begbick in Mahagonny. [With the proviso that she attended all the rehearsals, and agreed to appear for all the advertised performances in the run.] Maybe the stalwart Scala fans would stay at home – but the tickets would move like hot cakes, and bring new audiences into a moribund theatre that badly needs them.

    Or would she sing Mrs Lovett? Something to get Dominique Meyer salivating 🙂

  • One of the (man)y reasons why the old fool Pereira has been discontinued in Milan. Nobody needs an opera theatre preserved in formaldehyde.

  • They are exclusively classical. No low brow entertainment there! Classical music does not play well with others. Flogging Molly did a concert at the Palace Theater in Albany a few years ago and Dave King made fun of the Symphony. “The symphony plays here, doesn’t it?” in a mocking tone!

      • I’m a fan of both the Albany Symphony and Flogging Molly. They are touring this year. Staring in Europe on June 20 and the coming to the US in mid August. I don’t see any concert for them at at La Scala.

    • You must be heaps of fun at parties. You could sing some Lutheran chorales to a karaoke beat. And a ‘mocking tone”.

  • Never miss a chance, do you? A dig at Lang Lang — now apparently for who his friends include?

    I was not aware of this friendship, not getting Lang Lang gossip anywhere but here. But its relevance to this story is nil, and the inclusion of this shot seems edged with malice.

  • Unless La Scala has a great deal of cutting edge playbook technology in place, it is a venue for singers… not someone who dances to pre-recorded tracks that are processed and auto-tuned to the nth degree.

  • Want to make a huge amount of money all in one night to help fund opera productions at La Scala? ….book Madonna for a pop concert. Consider it a benefit concert.

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