Lone bassoon left in Tchaikovsky Competition

The woodwind finalists are:

Juri Florian Alexander Vallentin (Germany, oboe)
Sofiya Viland (Russia, flute)
Nikita Vaganov(Russia, clarinet)
Joidy Scarlet Blanco Lewis (Venezuela, flute)
Matvey Demin (Russia, flute)
AlessandroBeverari (Italy, clarinet)
Lívia Duleba (Hungary, flute)
Lola Descours (France/ bassoon)

Lola is principal bassoon at Oper Frankfurt.

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    • And though she is labeled as French, I will presume (as she is playing in Oper Frankfurt) that she is playing a German bassoon rather than French.

    • Yes but bassoons have one of their own as the commentator for the wind competition! Fraser Gordon, bassoonist with the Royal Phil is doing a truly fabulous job narrating and leading interviews during the wind competition. He’s poised, well-spoken, and his questions to jury members are always thoughtful and interesting. His presence has really highlighted the importance of bassoons and bassoonists internationally!

  • The only player I know here is Sofiya Viland, who is a principal in the Maryinsky. Which seems like a pretty good job, and in itself perhaps a better launching pad for bigger things than this mixed-winds Tchaikovsky competition.

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