Last Moscow gold goes to a Greek

Alexandros Stavrakakis, 30, won the first prize for men in the Tchaikovsky voice contest.

Maria Barakova of the Bolshoi won first prize for women.

The voice contest is usually the least reported.

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  • Thank you Norman, I am in Athens and people here are really proud. He is a major talent. He may be the first Greek medalist at this competition- does anyone know differently?

      • Alexandros is an extremely talented young singer with a bright future in front of him. Hopefully he will choose very carefully his future repertoire so that we will be able to enjoy his talent for many decades.
        Question to you dear Norman: in what sense he was sabotaged bu the jury? And why?

  • It may be interesting to know that he has been a member of the Semper Opera for a few years and is having a busy schedule in the next Season.

  • It is sad that is the least reported, when the Talent this year is so high, more that other categories.

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