La Scala’s overflow

La Scala’s overflow


norman lebrecht

June 11, 2019

The orchestra of La Scala gave its annual open air concert in Piazza Duomo this week.

More than 25,000 stood and listened in comlete silence to Dvorak’s New World symphony and music by Nino Rota.



  • Ned Keene says:

    In he same city where the naysayers claim there is no viable need for a second symphony orchestra to play a Schumann season. When last I looked, Dvorak wasn’t Italian…

  • Barry Guerrero says:

    We live in a time when some proclaim that classical music is dead, yet 25,000 will stand/sit outside and watch a monitor of a symphony that gets played on the radio every single day. It’s all just one, big ‘go figure’. Perhaps presentation IS everything.

    • Monsoon says:

      They turned out because it was free. If there was a $10 fee, turnout would have been substantially down.

      There’s an expectation that classical music should be free or extremely discounted.

  • Arameo says:

    What’s happening in Sao Carlos Opera Lisbon?

  • Greg Bottini says:

    I love Milano and its people!
    When my wife and I were there, we could hardly tear ourselves away from the amazing Galleria, which runs between La Scala and the Duomo. Superb food, classic drinks, shops of every category, live music, beautiful women (and men!) – and a unique human energy.
    On the one side is La Scala, spiritual home of Italian Opera.
    And on the other side is the piazza della Duomo, where the locals and the visitors mingle.
    OF COURSE there are going to be 25,000 people gathered there listening to music played by one of the great opera orchestras of the world.
    Tutti bravi! Evviva!
    (My dad was born about 25 km NW of this very spot!)