La Scala favourite withdraws from race

Italian media are reporting that Carlo Fuortes, sovritendente of the Rome Opera, is seeking a contract renewal. He is not interested, it is said, in succeeding Alexander Pereira as sovrintendente at La Scala.

Fuortes has informed the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, that he wants to stay.


That would leave Dominique Meyer, the outgoing Vienna Opera chief, as the new favourite for La Scala.


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  • wiener says:

    Oh mein Gott..!

  • Herrmann Lederer says:

    Not even La Scala would deserve Mayer. Horrible idea…

  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    Dominique Meyer as sovrintendente of La Scala is as unlikely as Ivanka Trump becoming Secretary-General of the UN. Although at least Meyer can count to 99.6

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