Janine Jansen takes Swiss job

Janine Jansen takes Swiss job


norman lebrecht

June 07, 2019

The Dutch violinist, who has been prone to cancellation, has opted for a teaching life in the Alps.

She will succeed Pavel Vernikov as professor of violin at HEMU Sion.

She says: ‘I am very excited about starting a small class at the HEMU Sion. Inspired by the legacy of legendary violinist Tibor Varga, the school is set in one of the most inspiring parts of the world! I am very much looking forward to it!’



  • Ricardo says:

    Very glad for this development. I believe she has said in the past that she did not feel like teaching. She is one of the great violinist-musicians at present and certainly has a lot to offer. It will be exciting to see how the process of analysis (which teaching requires) will affect her artistry. Go, Janine!

    • asis says:

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  • Kölscher jung says:

    I’m incredibly sceptical. She seems to play with a lot of stress and a far from ideal body posture (at least based on the few times I’ve seen her live), which work for her, but really don’t work for everyone. I remember her saying in the past that she wouldn’t be able to teach, so again… Very interested in what brought upon this change

    • Kölscher jung says:

      For the people down voting me: look at her right arm & shoulder (I’m by no means saying she’s bad, she brilliant, but that arm? Not so much)

    • Her right shoulder is a bit high but this is not necessarily an indication of excessive stress. Note her bow grip; her fingers are extended with space between each one and particularly because her first finger is extended, the angle of the wrist changes and her shoulder must be a bit higher in order to maintain control of the bow in the upper half and tip. Many players (if not most) play this way as it is one way to achieve a highly focused sound – with practice.

    • Jaime Herrera says:

      Yes…. Necessity.

  • Jaime Herrera says:

    Most, if not all, concert violinists give master classes but only those whose solo careers are slipping take steady teaching jobs. It is no shame but it is telling….

  • Jules says:

    People want to learn violin technique from her? I’d rather have her business contacts, she’s good at PR.

  • A Pianist says:

    What great fortune for Lausanne. Rarely is such a musical and intellectual heavyweight lured to teach. Does anyone doubt that such a creative and passionate interpreter will be an invaluable teacher?