It’s UK vs US big brass in Tchaikovsky showdown

It’s UK vs US big brass in Tchaikovsky showdown


norman lebrecht

June 25, 2019

Among 16 who made it to the second round, there are two British and three American players, including John Romero, principal trombone at the Met, and Barenboim protege Ben Goldscheider from the UK (pictured). Also in the running are Concertgebouw former principal horn Felix Dervaux and a lone woman, Hai Ree Yoo of South Korea.


1. Zhasulan Abdykalykov (Kazakhstan)
2. Daniel Barth (Germany)
3. Michael William Buchanan (Great Britain)
4. Benjamin Frank Goldscheider (Great Britain)
5. Felix Camille Jean Dervaux (France)
6. Yun Zeng (China)
7. Kelton James Koch (USA)
8. Aleksey Lobikov (Russia)
9. Ansel Owen Norris (USA)
10. Floris Benjamin Onstwedder (Netherlands)
11. John Christopher Romero (USA)
12. Henrique dos Santos Costa (Portugal)
13. Peter Steiner (Italy)
14. Chuan-An Hou (Taiwan)
15. Fedor Shagov (Russia)
16. Hae-Ree Yoo (South Korea)


  • Axl says:

    Norman – a little bit correction: Felix Dervaux is Concertgebouw’s ex-principal horn – not current principal. Katy Woolley will be succeseeding him in autumn. He left that ensemble in 2016 and is currently living in Vienna.

  • Dave says:

    Sure, there are UK and US players in the last 16, but why does that make it some sort of showdown between the two?

  • Jan says:

    Protege or not protege, didn’t give that much…

  • fflambeau says:

    Nationalism should not enter into artistic competitions.