Italian pianist is arrested on extortion charges

Italian pianist is arrested on extortion charges


norman lebrecht

June 14, 2019

The international pianist Gianfranco Pappalardo Fiumara has been arrested in Catania for attempted extortion against an alleged former lover.

It is reported that he was stopped by plain-clothed policemen outside the church of San Matteo in the small village of Trepunti di Giarre. It is not clear whether he has been formally charged. There has been no comment from either side. Presumptions of innocence apply.

Fiumara was suspended immediately from his position as consultant to the Puccini Festival at Torre del Lago.

Further repercussions are anticipated.



  • doesn't matter says:

    strange. since being gay doesn’t matter at all in our times in Europe (maybe it will change .. ) and especially in the music and opera buissness 85 % of the men are gay – it must have been a different issue , if this topic is used for such an dreadful witch-hunt and calumny.

    • It turns out that threatening to publish an embarrassing or damaging picture unless someone pays you 5000 Euros is extortion, even if the picture might not be embarrassing or damaging.

      The threat is a crime.

      Even if the picture is not revealing, the person pictured has an expectation that private relationships will be private without incurring a €5000 fee.

      But you knew that before you posted.

  • Steve Kirby says:

    This sounds like a case for Inspector Montalbano!