If DSCH had been referee, Spurs might have won

A new book about Dmitri Shostakovich and his love of football reveals that the great composer was so passionate about the beautiful game that he passed his exams to gain a National Football Referee qualification.

Apart from putting him on the referees’ list, it also gave him free entry to all stadia in the Soviet Union.

DSCH supported Dynamo Leningrad. His Golden Age ballet was initially titled Dinamidia.

It’s hard to imagine he would have awarded that second-minute penalty against Spurs, right?



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  • I hope Mr. Lebrecht, clearly a Spurs fan, isn’t too upset about the result ^_^

    Spurs would have won if Karius was in goal for Liverpool, concussed or not.

      • Er…a year ago it would not have been given. But referees are being instructed to give cases where the arm is not behind the body now. Even so, VAR only ruled there was not enough evidence to over-rule the referee’s decision.

        While it wasn’t “a bad decision”, it was far from a “stone cold penalty”.

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