How to knot a tie, by Riccardo Muti

His student is Russian bass Ildar Abdrazakov.


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  • Are you sure you don’t mean “How to tie a knot”?

    “It’s spring! It’s spring! The bird is on the wing!”

    — “My goodness, how absurd!
    I have always heard:
    The wing is on the bird.”

    • ‘Spring is sprung, the grass is ris,
      I wonder where the birdy is,
      The bird is on the wing,
      Which is absurd,
      Cos all the time
      The wing is on the bird’

      I think this is the original version (or near to it)

  • Muti is a class act. Always has been. And may possess more of a sense of humour than he’s credited with…

    • I once went to a talk by Muti (via Friends of the Philharmonia) and he was infinitely charming and amusing. A class act. Bless him.

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