How Paris saw off Daniel Harding

At the end of his final concert as music director of the Philharmonie de Paris, a wonderful pop-up performance of Du holde Kunst.


Full concert here.

And cheers to the rafters.


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  • It’s the Orchestre de Paris, not the Philharmonie which is the hall they play in.

    And this is a beautiful arrangement of Schubert’s song ‘An die Musik’.

  • Please Norman, I know this country is inexorably sinking into deep insularity but let’s not let it propagate to the world of music too.
    Daniel was the music director of the Orchestre de Paris not of the Philharmonie !

  • I have had the privilege of hearing many of Daniel’s concerts here in Paris, and even met him once in person.
    While there were ups and downs, I experienced many wonderful moments.
    Especially comes to mind his recent Mozart 40, best I’ve ever heard, no kidding.
    I think he did a great job as a music director, and was a nice successor to Paavo Järvi, as he gave something completely different to the orchestra.
    Anyway, I’m truly curious to see who will succeed him now.
    Many interesting visiting conductors next year!

  • Also, he was not music director of the Philarmonie de Paris, but of the Orchestre de Paris, the latter which is the resident orchestra of the former.

    • Conductor : Lionel Sow (director of the choir of the Orchestre de Paris)

      Arrangement : Schubert’s An die Musik by Luciano Berio

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