Flutes comes top in Tchaikovsky finals

Flutes comes top in Tchaikovsky finals


norman lebrecht

June 28, 2019

The first-ever wind and woodwind section of the Tchaikovsky Competition yielded a non-controversial result:

1. Matvey Demin, flute (Zurich Tonhalle)
2. Joidy Blanco, flute (student, Madrid)
3. Alessandro Beverari, clarinet(freelance, Geneva)
4. Lola Descours, bassoon (Oper Frankfurt)



  • Anon says:

    This wind catagory was a very successful addition to the Competition. The jury was an excellent, highly respected panel, the repertoire interesting and the competitors were of a high level and represented a wide variety of nationalities and education. It was fair.

    Delighted to see that this was the only catagory in the instrumentalists’ catagories where the gender balance was almost equal among candidates. The wind prizewinners were the only top-ranking women of all the instrumental catagories: the Venezuelan flutist Joidy Blanco winning silver and the French bassoonist Lola Descours awarded 4th prize.

    A particular highlight in the wind presentation was the outstanding commentary and narration by Royal Phil bassoonist Fraser Gordon. His questions and interview skills were astute and spot on. He had a wonderful elegance about his presentation which brought dignity and interest to the wind programs. I never learned the name of his co-host, the Russian woman who acted as translator, but she was also terrific and the conversations and interaction between the 2 were always interesting. It was worth tuning into the livestream just to see was Fraser and his co-host had to say. Absolutely superb presentation!

    I can’t imagine a more successful start to the inclusion of winds at the Tchaikovsky! Bravi everyone involved!