Covent Garden invites you to ‘to a family festival packed with pride’

Covent Garden invites you to ‘to a family festival packed with pride’


norman lebrecht

June 30, 2019

Here’s the ROH invitation to an all-inclusive Pride in London weekend:

Join us next month as we celebrate 50 years of Pride in London with a fun-packed family festival.

There’s something for everyone to watch, make, or do. Some highlights include:

– Make Firebird inspired head dresses with prop maker Jane Jones, or upcycle ballet shoes with artist Christine Harewood
– Watch Trouser Power, a new commission celebrating gender fluidity in opera and highlighting iconic trouser roles
– Enjoy Drag Queen Story Hour with Adam All and Apple Derrieres reading stories to children and their grown-ups
– Try on costumes from ROH productions



  • Bone says:

    Drag Queen story hour and Trouser Power, huh? Someone in the marketing dept is quite woke.

  • Paul Brownsey says:

    I think this is supposed to have reference to a disturbance in the Stonewall bar in NY 50 years ago.

    The mythologisation of the Stonewall incident gives some insight into how the execution of a local prophet-type troublesome to the occupying power circa 33 AD got turned into a world religion.

    • John Borstlap says:

      Indeed. God entered an obscure pub in NY and after three tourists brought presents, the occupying police force began its long, tragic decline.

  • Doug says:

    Packed with….fudge.

    • Paul Brownsey says:

      Doug is wetting himself laughing because he smuggled in a nasty word for gay men.

      They are buying him drinks down at the Dog and Bigot even as I write.

      • Bruce says:

        It’s interesting, isn’t it, when straight men can’t seem to stop thinking about gay sex.

        • Paul Brownsey says:

          Yes. In below-the-line exchanges in Scottish newspapers on gay topics, I find that that’s where their minds go time and time and time again. I sometimes say that homophobes think about anal sex more than gay nmen do. Indeed, when the RC Church goes on about the ‘natural complementarity of male and female’, that, too, is no more than a suaver way of expressing the same preoccupation with where things get put.

  • Anon says:

    The late Sir David Webster must be turning in his grave.

    • Bill Worley says:

      I agree, Anon. The fact that the Opera House has had a long tradition of staging excellent performances of Opera and Ballet seemed to have escaped the current management.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Using kids for political purposes. Let me see; where have we seen that before?

    • Paul Brownsey says:

      You mean like schoolchildren being made to make a daily pledge to the American flag?

      And is it really a *political* purpose, to acclimatise kids to the idea that there is nothing wrong with being gay? Isn’t that better than your preference for having them reared as gaybashers?

      • Bob Boles says:

        [[ And is it really a *political* purpose ]]

        Yes, it clearly is.

        • Paul Brownsey says:

          Only if “political” means anything to make life better for people.

          You want the kids raised as Biblical gaybashers–is that it?

          • Bob Boles says:

            You love to put things in other mens’ mouths – including words, Paul. Deplorable.

          • Paul Brownsey says:

            In between getting off on saying things about gay sex to a gay man–oooh, all shivery, is’nt it?–perhaps you could get to the point of substance and explain why you think it’s political to encourage kids to think being gay is fine but not political to let them think the opposite.