Conductor’s wage is ‘increased by a few hundred percent’

Conductor’s wage is ‘increased by a few hundred percent’


norman lebrecht

June 30, 2019

From the civil war at the National Theatre in Prague we hear that the bumbling administration gave the conductor Jaroslav Kyzlink a massive pay rise in order to stop from joining other artists in protesting the installation of a Norwegian artistic director.

Read all about it here.

Both artists are orchestra have been wearing white ribbons night after night to protest against Hansen’s appointment.



  • operni umelci says:

    Some years ago in Oslo, now in Prague. People are the same. Ego, bussiness, money, friendships. No more humanity or love for art . or opera.
    Hansen is Hansen. In Oslo or Prag. The same Hansen.

    • Anon says:

      The most telling commitment in the article is from Den Norske’s previous artistic director, Paul Curran:

      “But Curran also pointed to the very different workplace culture in Norway, in which there is a strong ethos of fairness and “Janteloven”, or the law of Jante – a Scandinavian phenomenon where no one can be considered to be better than anyone else and everyone, including the cleaners, must have an equal say.”

      Perhaps the Czech Republic has its own form of such a law?

      I got the impression from the article that Hansen was out of his depth in Oslo, in the same way Kasper Holten was at Covent Garden. As far as Prague is concerned it is a sign of the times we live in that there appears to be not one Czech citizen who might have done better in the position than Hansen, or perhaps no-one in the Czech Republic actually wanted the job?

      • operni umelci says:

        this was a smelly capitalistic bussiness between Mr Burian (GD) and Mr Payne – who is supporting Hansen .

        no one from local managers were asked for this position. No transparent hearings.

        Hansen was placed without transprent and relevant hearing .

        Burian is the financial secretary of Opera Europe/ Mr Payne is the GD there.

        Hansen came and he destroyed the administration, motivated zero skill mediocre people from the house – they all are now motivated with money. he is selfish, has mediocre contacts, no relevant and visionary future plans….

        and Mr Kyzlink? was motivated with money too..also after his 6 year contract as Musical director (which includes administration and artistic agenda, conducting ) Steffens, Kyzlink got a contract and plus an other contract for artistic agenda and conducting.

        instead of salary about 40.000 eur per annum they got now more than 150.000 eur per annum.
        for the same administration and artistic agenda.

        we all are asking: how?how? it is possibile?

        and about Hansen again: The Guardian article is the motivation, the Oslo secret report about his sociopathic behavoir plus his 9 month period in Prague – his trips for Theatre money, his uncompetent work, his zero communication with team or soloist.

        after the strike allert he is trying to save his bad renome, tellung “I will cure the chaos ” (which he actually did) and “in Oslo there wasnt a problem, just with some soloist” Its not true – he was in fight with all departements.::

        we all are asking: what was the !!!!price!!!! accepted by Burian, that he is still supporting Hansen?

        379 people – actually the whole Opera! is against Hansen and Burian.

        how they two are thinking to work with this Opera??

  • The View from America says:

    This could serve as the screenplay for the next episode of “Mozart in the Jungle.”