Boy, 11, is sent abroad to play for his country

Teo Gertler is a wunderkind.

Pray for him.

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  • Miraculous….. the type of gift which can be so disruptive on a personal level. Musical maturity is something different from personal maturity, and it remains a mystery how such maturity is possible without life experience, because musical meaning and expression is filtered-out life experience.

  • Beautiful playing! I see that he is being trained with an appreciation for the great Hungarian violinists who have come before.

  • Absolutely, pray for him. Comes to mind, Michael Rabin, Menuhin. Lived tortured lives! Beautiful child!

  • The little champ will be fine, as long as parents, teachers and managers remember to make his happiness their first priority when guiding him.

  • There’s little to say. With Leia Zhu, and Yo Kitamura the greatest of the very youngest generation. Wonderful character and personality
    above and beyond.

    • That’s what many said about Leopold’s little wunderkind Wolfgang as he was touring across Europe 250 years ago. He turned out OK (well, for the most part; though he did die quite young.)

  • Children are from Heaven. They are completely honest about their emotions. They aren’t hiding anything. They haven’t learned to play game theory only having feelings or thoughts that they will get points for in this cold-hearted labyrinth called society where the truth is enforced by whoever has the power to punish or dismiss anyone having a different point of view.

    And Teo doesn’t have any marketable artifice to his playing as yet, and he doesn’t sound like he’s trying to impress or seduce anyone with his abilities. The music just pours out. Maybe he just shows that there is a Heaven, without having to be condoned by any formalistic religion first. Or the beauty there is in nature. Untainted.

    I just hope that he’s not so marketed as a wunderkind that it ruins him, but his parents seem really grounded, and hopefully that won’t happen. And then hopefully later in life he’ll find the right people to support him so as not to get trapped in the artifice of the music business.

    Miracles happen.

    God bless it, I hope he makes it….

    By the way, is he still playing in a 3/4 sized violin, because it’s hard for me to tell? It sounds a bit like one, but I can’t really tell for sure looking at it.

  • Don’t analyze too much. He’s a brilliant boy who loves the violin and enjoys sharing his zest with an audience. Teo will be fine if the adults around him keep doing as they are: teaching and leading, while letting him be himself.
    Lilian Duval, U.S.

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