Beijing horn student wins Tchaikovsky brass

Beijing horn student wins Tchaikovsky brass


norman lebrecht

June 28, 2019

The results of the brass finals:

1 Zeng Yun (China)

= 1 Alexei Lobikov (Russia) – Mariinsky Theatre.

2 Fedor Shagov (Russia)

3 Felix Dervaux (France)



  • Zack says:

    Not correct.
    Brass have two first prizes

  • Tim jones says:

    =1st prize
    Zeng Yun & Alexei Lobikov

    2nd. Fedor Shagov

    3rd. Félix Dervaux

  • Tim Jones says:


    Zeng Yun = 1st prize

  • william osborne says:

    Here’s the complete list. For those interested, Hornist Hae-ReeYoo, who won 7th prize, was the only woman among the 46 competitors–or so I think after a quick glance at the listings.

    First Prize and Gold Medal: Yun Zeng (China, french horn) and Aleksey Lobikov (Russia, trombone)

    Second Prize and Silver Medal: Fedor Shagov (Russia, tuba)

    Third Prize and Bronze Medal: Felix Camille Jean Dervaux (France, french horn)

    Fourth Prize and Diploma: Henrique dos Santos Costav (Portugal, tuba)

    Fifth Prize and Diploma: Ansel Owen Norris (USA, trumpet)

    Sixth Prize and Diploma: Peter Steiner (Italy, trombone)

    Seventh Prize and Diploma: Hae-ReeYoo (The Republic of Korea, french horn)

    Eighth Proze and Diploma: Zhasulan Abdykalykov (Kazakhstan, trumpet)

  • Val says:

    I haven’t listened to all (I plan to) but Zeng Yun was phenomenal in the final round. He should also get a commission on the sales boost this will give Ken Pope and Ion Balu on their Briz horns…

  • Patrick says:

    Someone needs to teach this guy how to miss a note. Jeez. It’s freaky.

  • Anon says:

    I love that Gergiev gave Zeng a special recognition when the laureates were gathered onstage after the 2nd gala.

    One of my favorite moments was when 2nd prizewinner Fedor Shagov, tuba, took the stage to solo at the Gala. The camera shot to the face of the Competition’s top boss, the older blonde lady who made all the introductions. The look of wonder and amazement on her face as she watched this large unfamiliar instrument take center stage was simply priceless!

    I thought that both tuba finalists were esp. good and that this was an important opportunity for them. I’d never thought of tuba as soloistic instrument, but it was gorgeous, like a bass voice.

    The tuba also proved to be the most photogenic instrument of all! Medici really had a field day and shot the tubas from all angles, and they were absolutely beautiful!