4 oboes, 3 flutes left at Tchaikovsky Competition

4 oboes, 3 flutes left at Tchaikovsky Competition


norman lebrecht

June 23, 2019

Here’s the last 12:
1. Juri Florian Alexander Vallentin (Germany, oboe)

2. Aron Chiesa (Italy, clarinet)

3. August Lange Finkas Jensen (Denmark, clarinet)

4. Sofiya Viland (Russia, flute)

5. Ivan Kobylskiy (Russia, oboe)

6. Nikita Vaganov(Russia, clarinet)

7. Joidy Scarlet Blanco Lewis (Venezuela, flute)

8. Matvey Demin (Russia, flute)

9. Alessandro Beverari (Italy, clarinet)

10. Michaela Špačková(Czech Republic, bassoon)

11. Raffaele Giannotti (Italy, bassoon)

12. Melanie Jessica Rothman (UK, oboe)


13. Sergio Alberto Sanchez Colmenares (Venezuela, oboe)

14. Szymon Tadeusz Michalik (Poland, bassoon)

15. Lívia Duleba (Hungary, flute)

16. Lola Descours (France, bassoon)

17. Sergei Eletskiy(Russia, clarinet)


  • Alan says:

    Actually it is
    4 flutes
    5 clarinets
    4 oboes
    4 bassoons
    TOTAL: 17 for the semifinal.

  • Kyle Wiedmeyer says:

    How often do American oboists make it far in these kinds of competitions, if they’re ever even there?