Your weekend challenge: Can you name all six of Les Six?

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

Your challenge for the weekend: name all six of Les Six.

Poulenc and Milhaud? That’s average.

Arthur Honegger? Good (unless you’re Swiss)….

Read on here.

Et en francais ici.

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  • It’s too bad they don’t include any Durey. His “Romance sans parole” from l’album des six would work well as clarinet/piano arrangement.

  • I’m surprised by the reference to colonialism, as if Poulenc wrote colonial music:

    “…………. the kind of music people hummed as they went off to found new colonies.”

    Durey was a stubborn individualist and his communist ideals hindered his career:

    His music is not communist at all and in attractive Les Six style:

    • I take from your statement that you’re obviously a better musician than Darius Milhaud… now proof, please.

  • Try as I might, I can never remember Durey. I don’t think I have even ever heard anything by him. I guess it’s time to find some online.

  • It’s very unjust that Louis Durey should be so forgotten: a fine composer. I remember him as not being a very good salesman for his works: never talking on the radio or giving interviews, for example.

  • From the article: “Francis Poulenc … the only one with a major opera to his credit” That’s surely silly, how about Milhaud’s “Christophe Colomb”, “Maximilien”, or “Bolivar” ? Great works, though underperformed…

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