Who’s in the Tchaikovsky flute finals

They’ve just published the list:

Duleba Livia / Hungary
Demin Matvey / Russia
Molletones Etni / Venezuela
Viland Sofiya / Russia
Saito Shino / Japan
Chernyshov Fedor / Russia
Kim Brian / Australia
Vodovozova Aliya / Russia
Marinesku Alexander / Russia
Yu Yuan / China
Blanco Lewis Joidy / Venezuela
Kim Seohyeon / South Korea

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    • In order to be candidates they have to apply!

      There were none at Prague either.
      Did any US candidates even apply to either competition?

      The problem of no US flutists at international competitions falls in large part on the shoulders of US flute professors and teachers who are perhaps too busy posting glamour shots of themselves on social media, pontificating how everyone should be playing, and generally promoting their own images rather than educating their students about competitions and other aspects of the profession. Whether you agree with competitions or not, your students need to know about them, be familiar with the repertoire.

      Take a look at the teachers of most of the candidates at the Tchak. They are serious heavy hitters in the world of European flute performance and pedagogy. Their students are winning jobs and competing successfully. We don’t see many of these teachers on social media posting cleavage pics or promoting products.

      This is a wake up call: US flute “professors” need to be doing their jobs. What exactly do you expect your students to do when they finish conservatory degrees with you? If they’re not even aware of major competitions, if you as teachers are not preparing them for jobs or careers, you need to reexamine your own job description.

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