Transfer deals: Pappano snares Europe’s best chorus master

In the first action of the summer transfer market, Antonio Pappano has persuaded Piero Monti to leave the Teatro Massimo in Palermo after six years and join him at Santa Cecilia in Rome.

Monti is reckoned to be the best chorus trainer in Italy, possibly in Europe.

He will be replaced in Palermo by Ciro Visco, head of Choir at Santa Cecilia since 2010.

Monti will kick off in Rome next season with the Berlioz Requiem.


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  • The idea that the best chorus master (and therefore, one would assume, the best chorus) is in Italy is laughable.

  • If Piero Monti is such an incredibly good chorus master, I’d love to at least sample his work. Any suggestions?

  • Sorry, but if you don’t know who Piero Monti is, then you really shouldn’t be commenting on this post…

  • I thought Halsey was widely regarded as the best in Europe?

    Personally, I find it hard to believe that the best chorus master would not be attached to an opera house rather than a symphonic orchestra.

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