Star mezzo-soprano breaks a rib

Message from the Latvian singer Elina Garanca:

Dear Friends—with much regret and literally with great pain, I have to postpone my next week of concerts in Vienna and Graz. I had an accident on Monday evening and have broken a rib. I tend to be a good and quick healer, but my rib cage is indispensable for singing, so I have to wait and heal it well!

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  • She should take her time about ‘recovering’ – I have never found her an inspiring singer live or on record – cold, unemotional – her performances often evince little connection with either text or music, even though she is technically competent. Won’t miss her in the slightest.

    • I could hardly agree less. She has given some of the most committed and meaningful performances I’ve heard in recent years. More to the point, your point is gratuitous, unnecessary and utterly ill-timed; and the phrase “technically competent” is the very definition of mealy-mouthed, for someone whom many see as one of the world’s finest and most rewarding performing artists.

    • Okay, so you won’t miss her. Why do you think that might be of interest to anyone other than yourself?

  • “I’m only a mezzo, you know.” –a line from one of the PDQ Bach albums, if I remember right…

  • She should definitely take time to fully recover. Singing or playing a wind instrument can put a lot of stress on the rib cage. I’m not a huge mezzo connoisseur, but I’ve always liked her performances and recordings. I think she’s even begun to perform some Mahler and that is, for me, good news indeed.

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