Sicklist: Andsnes is out of Abbado memorial

Leif Ove Andsnes (pic) has called in sick for a Berlin concert In Memoriam Claudio Abbado next Tuesday.

Lars Vogt jumps in.

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  • It is worthwhile to look at the marketing picture from the viewpoint of cultural anthropology. Dark-wooden pannelling, parquet floor, cosy burning hearth under a vaguely-classical painting right in the centre of the wall, the artist dreamily staring at a far-away horizon of grand ideals and dressed in a serious, dark suit but with a touch of modernity: no tie. The décor also has a modern touch: it does not look old but newly made as if of plastic. The grand piano is open, ready for noble communication. The message clearly is: classical music is for and by rich, conservative people who don’t feel embarrassed at all by recreating, with artificial means, a cultural situation lightyears removed from the people who actually wrote it, and who never intened it to be suffocated by artifice.

    • Straight out of “The Guardian” hate pages. Arid ideology completely lacking imagination or vigour.

      • Nonsense.

        And I can only think of one composer who might have felt comfortable in such surroundings (if he didn’t look too closely) – but he was ill, an immigrant, and dependent upon the owner’s interest to have their eligible daughters take piano lessons from him: Chopin. But someone like luxury-loving Wagner would find such surroundings far beneath his standards of comfort.

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