Radu Lupu is unwell

The rarely sighted pianist, 73, has been replaced at a grand recital in the Paris Philharmonie by Arcady Volodos.


Madame, Monsieur, cher public,

Vous avez acheté une ou plusieurs place(s) pour le récital du pianiste Radu Lupu du 23 mai.

Nous vous informons que pour des raisons de santé, ce dernier est dans l’obligation d’annuler son récital à la Philharmonie de Paris.

Piano**** le remplace par une figure notoire du piano d’aujourd’hui : Arcadi Volodos.


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      • The replacement is certainly a very fine pianist, but “the original” is still very much needed precisely because Radu Lupu is a truly original artist.

        • He certainly is. I first heard him with Karajan forty years ago in the Beethoven C-Minor and have enjoyed his work ever since. He’s a poet; his judgment is impeccable.

          Ironically my one poor impression of Volodos came in the same concerto, last year, with the flat-footed Hrůša — a drawn-out middle movement. Still, it’s bizarre to see all the thumbs-down here!

  • There are refunds. As a matter of fact, those who choose to go see Volodos are even offered a ticket to a concert of their choice next year (from a selection of the producers’ season). Curiously, Volodos is playing exactly the program he performed a month ago in Paris at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.

    • And Brussels the 1st of may. Superb replacement by Elisabeth Leonskaja, much appreciated by the public, but I am still looking forward to seeing Radu Lupu and I wish him a prompt recovery.

  • Do hope he recovers soon. I remember seeing him play on television, possibly in a competition in the 60’s and was mesmerised by how little his hands moved, it was magical, truly inspirational. Our thanks to a wonderful talent.

    • I had the privilege of attending a couple of his recitals a decade or so ago, sitting almost within a hand stretch of the keyboard. His performances were memorable on many levels not least the power as well as subtlety in control he achieved with what seemed to be finger movement alone. I too, hope he gets well soon.

  • I have a ticket for the recital and a refund has been offered to me, which I will accept. Volodos is a great artist but not INHO of the same league of Lupu, Argerich or Zimerman.

    • I am a big fan of Lupu, so some remarkable concerts with him, but I suggest you should hear Volodos who is really among the greatest pianist of the younger generation. In fact his playing often reminds me Lupu. You won’t regret going to his recital.

    • Quite right Pedro. I remember Volodos’ Carnegie Hall debut, it created some buzz for the technical acrobatics, but he never developed the depth or personality to back it up, and the critic at he time correctly said so.

    • Programme:

      Franz Schubert
      Sonate en mi majeur D. 157
      Six moments musicaux D. 780

      Sergueï Rachmaninov
      Prélude op. 3 n°2
      Prélude op. 32 n°10
      Prélude op. 23 n°10
      Romance op. 21 n°7 (arr. Volodos)
      Sérénade op. 3 n°5
      Etude-tableau op. 33 n°3

      Alexandre Scriabine
      Mazurka op. 25 n°3
      Caresse dansée op. 57 n°2
      Enigme op. 52 n°2
      Deux danses op. 73
      Vers la flamme op. 72

      P.S.: Argerich doesn’t give recitals.

      • Argerich does give recitals, just not alone. Usually it’s 4-handers (only in the next 3 months, with Kovachevich, Barenboim, João Pires, and a few others) or with a cello (in July, with Maisky). These are still recitals.

    • Perahia canceled all scheduled concerts at list till the end of June. In fact I don’t think he played a single concert since early 2018.

      He is scheduled to play Beethoven 4th with IPO and Mehta in Summer your and than with Haitink and VPO. Hope he gets well.

  • Radu Lupu should be considered as a real treasure of our world. Please recover soon, whoever replaces you on the stage…

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